1. Affordable Funerals and Cremations

      Harmony Funeral Home in Brooklyn is dedicated to being an integral part of the Flatbush community. Harmony Funeral Home was established in 1098 and we’ve been part of the community ever since…Read More

  2. Common Objections Answered

    When people sit down with us to discuss the disposition of the physical remains of a loved one, they often express concerns that a direct cremation is somehow not respectful. We’d like to address th…Read More

  3. Why Should I Choose Direct Cremation?

    Why Should I Choose Direct Cremation? This is a question we never tire of answering because we know direct cremation offers real benefits to the families that choose it. To learn about the financial a…Read More

  4. Direct Cremation is an Affordable Option

    Harmony Funeral Home seeks to provide the most affordable cremation services in Brooklyn for your convenience and savings. Our most affordable service is direct creation. This service answers the need…Read More