1. Why Choose Cremation?

    More and more, people are considering and choosing cremation over burial for after life arrangements. There are some very compelling reasons to do this. We’ll review these in this week’s blog. Cos…Read More

  2. Options for Cremains

    Once you’ve decided on cremation you might be wondering with the remains of a loved one after the cremation, or perhaps you are in the midst of preplanning your own funeral and want to do something …Read More

  3. Decisions To Be Made

    Now that we’ve gone over how preplanning and prepaying for your own funeral can ease the emotional and financial burden of your loved ones after your death, we will cover some of things topics you w…Read More

  4. Easing Their Burden

    Harmony Funeral Home in Brooklyn is an established funeral home but is under new management and we are dedicated to becoming the most trustworthy, best funeral home in Brooklyn. We want you to be able…Read More

  5. Preparing Your Family for Your Death

    Harmony Funeral Homes in Brooklyn offers a full range of funeral services to our customers. We offer personalized, culturally appropriate memorial services, funeral services, and all options of body d…Read More

  6. Getting Down to Brass Tacks

    Harmony Funeral Home is is a full-service funeral home in Brooklyn that responds to the needs of the community. Brooklyn has a magnificent history of being the home of immigrants and is currently the …Read More

  7. Alternatives to Traditional Funeral

    Preplanning your own funeral doesn’t have to be a morbid experience. Accepting, or even embracing your passage from this world can be a beautiful experience. One of the benefits of preplanning your …Read More