1. Preparing Your Family for Your Death

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  2. Getting Down to Brass Tacks

    Harmony Funeral Home is is a full-service funeral home in Brooklyn that responds to the needs of the community. Brooklyn has a magnificent history of being the home of immigrants and is currently the …Read More

  3. Alternatives to Traditional Funeral

    Preplanning your own funeral doesn’t have to be a morbid experience. Accepting, or even embracing your passage from this world can be a beautiful experience. One of the benefits of preplanning your …Read More

  4. Why People Choose Cremation

    When you have been put in the place of deciding the manner of disposition of the body of a recently deceased loved one, or you are doing your own preplanning, you may be curious as to why people choos…Read More

  5. Two Kinds of Cremation

    Besides offering traditional funerals, Harmony Funeral Home offers both direct cremation and ‘regular’ creation. There are two types of cremation commonly used in the US. The difference between th…Read More

  6. What Do I Do with Cremains?

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  7. Cremation Misconceptions

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  8. A Final Gift

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