Harmony Funeral Homes is under new ownership and determined to be the best, most affordable, full-service funeral home in the community. Our most recent blog series has been concentrating on the benefits of preplanning a funeral.

Thinking about your own mortality has got to be, hands down, the least fun thing about being an adult. But, it’s got to be done. As soon as you have children, and more so when older generations are passing away, the realization comes that people depend on you. They depend on you financially, but also for your wisdom, your guidance and your help. One way to help those around you is by having your funeral preplanned. This is something families might chose to talk about, some families don’t feel comfortable with the topic but it deserves to be talked about.

It’s not ever easy to start the conversation about death. Sometimes it’s children who don’t want to listen to an adult who is trying to ease their burden of their children, and sometimes it’s parents who need to be reminded, by younger folk, that there are matters that need to be dealt with. We suggest starting the conversation but finding a quiet place and a quiet moment. If you have to orchestrate it, such as a walk in a park, do that. Some people like to know ahead of time that a heavy conversation will be brought up, so they can prepare themselves. Perhaps bring up an old relative and reflect on their passing and their funeral and what it meant to you. Then tell them you’ve been thinking about the inevitable and talk to them about what you want and where your information can be found, etc.

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