With direct cremation being a more affordable option than burial, more and more people are turning to that option for themselves and their loved ones. However, this raises the question in some people’s minds as to whether they should have a funeral service. Direct cremation does take away the possibility of having a traditional viewing, but it doesn’t prevent you from having a memorial service for your loved one. Here are a few reasons from our funeral home in Brooklyn as to why you shouldn’t skip the funeral service after your loved one passes away.

1. It allows all the family to come together.

It’s more common than ever for family members to be scattered far and wide across the US and abroad. If you’ve ever tried to organize a family reunion, cruise, or other joint event for all the family to participate in, you know just how difficult it is to get all the family in the same place at the same time. However, funerals remain one of the biggest exceptions to this rule. When you might not be able to coordinate everyone’s schedules any other way, you can get the family together for a funeral. If you skip the funeral, thinking that you’ll just gather people together in a few months for a service at a more convenient time, you may find that many of them can’t come. It’s easier to say to your boss, “I have to have 3 days off to travel to my grandma’s funeral in New York” than it is to say, “I need 3 days off for a family event.”

2. It gives you space to grieve.

Grieving the loss of a loved one is hard to do, but everyone expects you to be in grief at the funeral service. If you don’t take the space to grieve there, you may find to your dismay that life marches ruthlessly on, taking away your chance to grieve deeply and fully. Don’t rob yourself of the funeral service. The reason why our society does this is because people are better off when they have the space to grieve their loss in an appropriate and fitting environment.

3. It is a valuable and healing time for everyone.

You will never fully recover from the loss of someone you love, but you do need time to heal and process your grief in a healthy way. The time of the funeral service is a time that is valuable for everyone to begin to process their loss, let it sink in that the deceased person is gone, and offer each other the togetherness and moral support during one of the hardest times in life. You need other people around you, especially if you lost someone very close to you. In the same way, the people who weren’t so close still need to come close, express their condolences, and join you in your sadness.

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