Harmony Funeral Home is is a full-service funeral home in Brooklyn that responds to the needs of the community. Brooklyn has a magnificent history of being the home of immigrants and is currently the home of communities of people from Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Grenada, and the Dominican Republic. We offer culturally appropriate funeral services of all communities and individual families. We have been covering the topics surrounding death, funerals, and bereavement. We have been highlighting the benefits of preplanning a funeral. There are many financial and emotional benefits of doing so.

We see one benefit as being able to “Get Down to Brass Tacks.” This saying means getting down to the details without a lot of chit-chat or fluff. Preplanning a funeral, especially your own funeral, is about getting down to the details. There are many things to think about. We covered some in a past blog, that you can read here.

One big decision to be made is about the type of service that will be held. People generally like a service that reflects their values and personality. Do you want a humble, quiet, religious service? Or would you prefer a three-day, music and rum-filled celebration of life? These are questions that should be answered by you, not others, and preplanning is the only way to ensure you get the send off you want.

Other decisions revolve around the guest list. Do you have that one cousin you know will cause a scene and needs to be kept away, or maybe an estranged brother who should at least be informed of the death? Making this list can also serve as a reminder to seek out that brother and try to make things right before a funeral!

Preplanning a funeral can be a cathartic time of reflection on our lives while we are also saving money and taking a burden off our survivors’ shoulders.

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