It’s easy to get into an existential angst when you begin to think about your own funeral, or you can approach it with a grace that gives you a sense of inner peace. After all, it will happen and it’s remembering that fact that makes us live our lives to the fullest and remember, on a daily basis to love the people around us and to show that love in your own way.

One way to show our loved ones that you want what is best for them is by dealing with the arrangements for you funeral. This may not be the same as sending them all to Disneyland for spring break, but they will appreciate it when the time comes. Today we’ll look briefly at a few of the reason preplanning your funeral is a good idea.

Lock in the Cost

  • If you’ve ever been the one in charge of the funeral arrangements for a loved one, you know that the price of things that you’ve always taken for granted, such as a coffin, can be quite high.
  • When you preplan your funeral, you pay today’s prices and that cost is locked in until the goods and services are provided.

Your Funeral: Your Vision

  • You don’t have to be a control freak to want your friends and family to attend a funeral that expresses you in your own terms.
  • You can make all the arrangements, from the music to the guest list, so you know that things will be as you want them.
  • This is a great way to set the tone for your funeral: do you want it to be a solemn affair or a celebration wake?
  • This is also the chance for you to make your wishes known with regard to cremation and burial method and location.

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