In our last blog, we discussed topics to broach with a loved one who is dying. Depending on your personality and the personality of the dying loved one, it may not be the most comfortable conversation, but having it is a gift to them, and to yourself. For them it gives them a chance for closure and, in turn, you get the satisfaction that you’ve done your duty by them to help them pass on with dignity and grace.

Questions to Ask

  • When discussing the disposition of their body, find out if they want a traditional interment / burial of their body or if they prefer to be cremated.
  • Emotions can run high on this question as it makes you, and them, face the realities of death, consequently, it should be done with tact and sensitivity.
  • If they choose cremation, do they want a public viewing and a service? This choice means their body will be embalmed before cremations.
  • Or would they prefer a direct cremation where no embalming is done, and cremation takes place quickly after death? This is the most economical choice available.
  • If they choose to be cremated, what would they like done with their ashes?
  • Do they own a cemetery plot? Do they have a cemetery in mind for disposition of the body or the ashes?
  • There are lots of ingenious things one can do with ashes these days. Come up with a selection of choices for them to consider.

These are just a few of the many questions to cover with a dying loved one. If you want to formalize the plans, call Harmony Funeral Home and speak with one of our funeral directors.