Attending a funeral or memorial service is a moving experience. Remembering and celebrating a deceased loved one can be as heart wrenching as it can be uplifting, the two seem to go hand in hand at a well-planned memorial service. One touch that we think adds a layer of deep meaning and comfort is knowing the person who is being remembered had a hand in the planning or preplanning in this case of the service. Harmony Funeral Homes offers pre-planning services for those who wish to add a personal touch to their own funeral. Here are some of the ways you can add a personal touch to your funeral.

Urn or Public Viewing

  • Whether you pick out the outfit and hairstyle for the viewing, or personally pick the urn for your cremains your personality will shine through the formalities of the service.
  • You can also specify where you want to be buried or where you want your cremains to be distributed, should you choose for cremations.


  • When you hear a song that you know they picked out because it encapsulated their thoughts and feelings about life, love, and mortality, it can lead you to dig through your purse for a kleenex but also can be a great comfort knowing that they were at peace with their fate.  
  • You can plan your playlist for songs that mean a lot to you and communicate your thoughts.

Guest List

  • Are there people that you want to come to your memorial service? You can make sure that they get an announcement for the service.
  • Are there people who really don’t want to be there, maybe a drama queen who will steal your last thunder?

If you plan your own funeral these are some of the decisions that you can make when you preplan your funeral.