When you are considering preplanning your own funeral there are a number of things to consider, decisions to be made.

Why It Makes Financial Sense

When you have your funeral preplanned, you are giving a final gift to your loved ones. The cost of a funeral can put financial strains on your survivors that they shouldn’t  have to to deal with in addition to mourning your passing.  If you think that the money in your will -will more than cover any costs, you should remember that it is not uncommon for a will to take months to go through probate court and for monies to be dispersed. Purchasing your funeral package now also means that you’ve locked in the cost, and any quick search will tell you that the costs associated with a traditional burial have gone up astronomically in the past few decades.

Making Sure Your Wishes are Followed

When you plan your own funeral, you can be sure that your wishes will be followed.For instance, if you are sure you want to be cremated but your family disagrees . Maybe they just can’t understand your aversion to having your body put in the ground with bugs and worms. This thought is very upsetting to some people, but some people believe that their religion forbids it (many religions that once opposed cremation now allow it). You can also be sure that your ashes are scattered according to your wishes. If you plan your own memorial service you can plan it, down to the music and what disruptive relative should not be invited.

As a final gift to your relatives, and to yourself, consider preplanning your funeral. If you’d like more information, contact our funeral director.