Harmony Funeral Homes knows that facing a death of a loved one is one of the hardest things that life brings us. The loss and the hole in our lives will heal with time, but at the time of loss, it is a sting that nothing sooths and that everything seems to call to mind. We know that the financial burden of dealing with funeral arrangements can be too much for many families. That is why we offer an affordable alternative. We offer direct cremation, currently priced at just $559.00

When you choose a direct cremation for your recently deceased family member or partner, you will be left with cremains, as cremated remains are known. In this age of individuality there are many ways to express the personality and passions of the deceased loved one. Here are some creative ways to memorialize them.

Ashes and Flowers

  • Did your loved one love the mountains or the countryside? Mix the ashes with some perennial flower seeds and disperse them where you know they would have felt at one with nature. Mark the spot with your GPS on your smartphone and you can return each year and see the flowers blooming.

Tattoo Ink

  • Yes, that’s right, you can actually use the ashes in a tattoo. The tattoo artist needs only to mix the ink with some of the ashes and your tattoo will allow you to literally always have them near your heart.

Diamond Ring

  • Did your loved one love beautiful jewelry? You can have a portion of their ashes turned into a lab diamond. A lab diamond is molecularly a 100 percent authentic diamond. You can have the diamond set into a ring or an earring and wear it in memory of them.