Are you considering preplanning your own funeral? There are some very good reasons for doing so. When making this decision, feel free to contact harmony Funeral Home to discuss the issues with an expert. We serve the community of Brooklyn, providing compassionate and efficient funerary services.

The main reason to pre plan your own funeral is so that your wishes are followed. Unless they are dealing with a terminal illness, most people don’t have frequent discussions about what their wished for a funeral would be. This topic goes untouched in most relationships, and even if your partner or family knows your wishes, there could be conflict if one member of the family suddenly disagrees. The best thing to do is to set your wishes down on paper and contact the funeral home ahead of time.

One of the main decisions you’ll be making is what you want done with your physical remains. Do you want a traditional burial? Do you own a burial plot? Or would you prefer, as is increasingly the case, to be cremated. If you want to be cremated? What do you want to be done with the cremains, as the ashes are often called? Do you want to be scattered somewhere that is significant to you? It is really best to get these types of things on paper so they are clear to your loved ones, and the funeral home, after your death. It is best to discuss these things with your family too, in case they have wished that can be taken into account when you make your plans.

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