Harmony Funeral Home offers traditional funerals, cremations and direct cremations. We often get questions that reveal some common misunderstandings about cremation. We will address some of those in this week’s blog.


  • There used to be a stigma around cremation, but that just isn’t’ the case anymore.
  • Up to 42% of all body dispositions following death are cremations.

Cremation is for Cash-Strapped Families

  • Actually, the opposite is true. The higher the income a family, the more likely it is that they’ll choose cremation.

Is this Uncle Joe?

  • Some people fear that the ashes they get back are not specifically their loved ones, or even that they might end up with a mix of multiple people.
  • Many crematoria allow witnessing so, if this is a concern, you can request to be present, but the incidents of this sort of thing is highly unlikely.

It’s Against My Religion

  • Many Christians, especially Catholics feel it is against their religion to be cremated.
  • They believe it will influence their fate at the time of Resurrection.
  • Protestant churches allow cremation and have for centuries.
  • The Roman Catholic Church lifted its ban on cremation in the reform-filled 1960’s.
  • Catholics are allowed to be cremated as long as it is not an expression of their disbelief in the Resurrection of the body.
  • Eastern Orthodox Church does still forbid cremation
  • Cremation is prohibited in orthodox Judaism while Liberal Jews find it acceptable.
  • Hinduism and Buddhism prefer cremations to burial in the ground.
  • Islam also forbids cremation, instead mandating that the body be buried as soon as possible following death.

You Can’t Have a Funeral if You are Cremated

  • It is a simple thing to arrange a funeral service or memorial service.
  • You can have a viewing prior to cremation if you desire.
  • A direct cremation precludes a viewing, but a memorial service can be held at the family’s convenience.

If we can help clear up any other misunderstanding you may have about cremation, don’t hesitate to call us.