When people sit down with us to discuss the disposition of the physical remains of a loved one, they often express concerns that a direct cremation is somehow not respectful. We’d like to address those concerns in today’s blog. We believe that direct cremation is not disrespectful.

Direct Cremation is when the body is removed from the hospital or morgue and taken directly to the crematorium to be cremated. The family is then given the cremains (as cremated remains are known).

Common Objections Answered

  • We know that some people hold strong opinions about what they want to be done with their body and if you know for a fact that your loved one didn’t want to be cremated for, say, religious reasons, then yes, we think you should pause before you proceed. However, in most cases, there is no reason not to consider direct cremation. There are very few modern religions or denominations that strictly forbid cremation, and if a religious objection concerns you, seek out a member of the clergy for advice.
  • Many people are concerned that a direct cremation means that they can’t have a memorial service to honor their loved one. This is not true. It is becoming more and more common to have a memorial service after a cremation. This makes planning for the out-of-town family much easier since you can schedule a memorial service for any date in the future.

We would be happy to discuss any other concerns you might have regarding direct cremation. Call today and speak to our funeral directors.