Harmony Funeral home in Brooklyn offers professional, compassionate, and affordable funeral services. When it comes time to make funeral arrangements for a loved one, there are so very many decisions to be made. Maybe none is so basic as the disposition. Disposition is the term that means what is done with the physical remains of your loved one after death. There are several basic options. We will review those shortly now and in the future we will go into each one in more  detail.

Burial in the Earth

  • This is the traditional method and the only option for some denominations. This is done in a casket or coffin, and the coffin is placed in a regulated cemetery.


  • Cremation is the disposal of the body through exposing it to extreme heat. The cremated remains are reduced to a granular substance.
  • There can be a viewing before cremation and a casket can be rented for the purpose for a reasonable cost.
  • The cremated remains can then be interned in a cemetery or they can be taken by the family and disposed of as they wish.
  • Canon Law now allows cremation for Catholics though many still shy away from it.
  • Orthodox Greek and Orthodox Jewish faiths forbid it.
  • Some Fundamentalist Protestant faiths forbid it.
  • Direct cremation is cremation directly after death, without embalming, viewing or visitation.

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